Total Solar Eclipse 2017

A total solar eclipse will be visible this August 21st across parts of the lower 48! This hasn’t happened since 1979, so it’s a pretty rare event. The good news is that the total eclipse will take place in Georgia! The bad news is that you will need to be in a tiny slice of the northeast corner of the state to see it in it’s entirety. If not don’t worry, you will still get an almost total eclipse even from metro Atlanta. Here is a map showing the path of totality.


ga eclipse

Not only will the view be limited spatially, but it will be limited in time as well. Provided there are good weather conditions to view the eclipse it will only last around 2 minutes sometime between 2:35 pm and 2:40 pm depending on where in northeast Georgia you are located. If your are elsewhere in Georgia during that time you will only see a partial eclipse. If you miss this one the next Total Solar Eclipse visible in the lower 48 won’t come until April 8th, 2024 and it won’t be visible here in Georgia. For that one you will have to travel west to Arkansas for the closest view.

april 8

For those planning to take a look skyward remember do not look into the sun without proper eye protection. There are alternate ways to view the eclipse as well, and by following this link from NASA Eclipse 2017 you can find all the information you need to view the eclipse safely.