Finally there is a glimpse of warm Spring weather on the horizon. Warmer temperatures will arrive starting this weekend and should stay a while. There could be an occasional cool day, but the trend toward consistent warm weather will develop. The average high and low by the 20th is 74 and 53, so you would expect to start seeing more consistent warm weather. For this week highs will struggle to get above 60 both Wednesday and Thursday with overnight lows dropping into the 40’s! By next Monday and Tuesday highs could be near 80 with overnight lows in the 50’s! Quite a turnaround. Here is the 8-14 day temperature and precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center and it to favors warm and dry weather through the 24th.

8-14 temp

Not only will we have above normal temperatures, but much of the nation will as well especially the West.

8-14 precip

As for rain much of the nation will be dry with the only above normal areas being along the Gulf Coast and Florida.

So if you have been waiting to plant the spring garden it looks like this weekend should be perfect!