A series of upper level disturbances will sweep across the Southeast through Wednesday bringing in waves of possible severe weather. Right now we have two disturbances that we can pick out on radar.

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One is located just to our north across Kentucky and West Virginia. This disturbance originated Sunday over Minnesota!

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The second disturbance is following the lead of the first. It too is originating over the upper Midwest.

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By later tonight the first disturbance will be dissipating as it crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains into Virginia and North Carolina. The second disturbance will be alive and well as it pushes into Kentucky.


By Tuesday the first disturbance will have already dissipated, but the second disturbance will arrive here sometime around noon. This may spark our first round of possible severe weather.


And if that wasn’t enough there will be at least one more disturbance moving in out of Missouri and western Tennessee. This one will arrive by Tuesday evening helping to spark another round of strong to severe t-storms.