Some would say that tomorrow may be our blackberry winter, and I would have to agree. I don’t personally have any blackberry bushes, but I have been informed by a few of my social media friends that they are in bloom. For those not in the know blackberry winter is a cold snap that occurs late in spring just as the blackberries are blooming. Whether it is blackberry winter or not it certainly is going to be a chilly day on Wednesday as the rain sets in. Speaking of which here is a look at the rain coming our way. The first round of showers will enter areas south of Atlanta late this evening.

jeff bolg 1

After midnight expect a few showers to develop in and around Atlanta with the bulk of the rain not arriving until near or after sunrise on Wednesday.

jeff blog 2jeff blog 3

Although a few showers may redevelop Wednesday evening and again during the late afternoon on Thursday, the bulk of the rain will come late tonight and Wednesday morning. Most locations across metro Atlanta should expect to receive around a half to one inch of rain.


Once we get though this bump in the road the upper level pattern will become more favorable for warm weather to build back into the Southeast. The big low that has been parked to our southwest will move up the eastern seaboard resulting in a cool weekend across the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. Meanwhile a large ridge of high pressure will expend across the west and will eventually spread eastward providing us with warmer temperatures starting this weekend.


The way things look right now the weekend will be of the best in a long time with lots of sunshine and highs near 80. Enjoy!



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