An area of low pressure forming along the Carolina coast with spread rain and snow up and down the East Coast on Wednesday.
SET-UP: Low pressure along the South Carolina coast will rapidly intensify along a stalled cold front tonight, and will then progress northeastward along the Eastern Seaboard spreading steady rains and gusty winds inland with heavy snow expected in the Appalachians from North Carolina northward to Maine.

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IMPACTS: Heavy snows will develop tonight and throughout the day Wednesday along the Appalachian Mountains from North Carolina north to Maine. 2-4” are expected on the southern end near Asheville, NC while areas throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York State and interior sections of New England could see 6-10” or more. The Major cities up and down the East Coast will see significantly less, starting with less than an inch in Washington, DC and possibly 1-3” in Philadelphia and Boston. New York City meanwhile could get a bit more than that with 3-5” expected there.

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TRAVEL: Persons traveling by car should use extreme caution if traveling through the mountains due to the heavy snow, and should expect major delays due to the rain and increased volume. Air travel to and from the major
hubs along the East Coast will be affected somewhat less due to the lesser amounts of snow near the coast, but delays are still likely due to the wet weather and volume of traffic.

LOCAL WEATHER: Here in North Georgia the rain will not have as great of an impact due to the timing and amount of rain. The rain for the most part will be light with less than a quarter of an inch for most. Slightly higher amounts will fall to the east near Athens. The timing will be such that most of the rain will have moved out of Georgia and into South Carolina by early morning, well before most people start their trips on Wednesday.

THANKSGIVING AND BLACK FRIDAY: The weather will clear out just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday with lots of sunshine both days. Temperatures will be on the cold side with overnight lows near freezing and highs only in the upper 40s and lower 50s. By the weekend highs will climb back into the 60s with lots of sun. This looks to be the start of a warming trend that could last into the first few weeks of December.




A chance of light rain will make a comeback late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.
RAIN CHANCES: Light rain will start to spread northward out of the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and should spread over metro Atlanta late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. There is the possibility that a wintry mix could form briefly in some of the higher elevations of the North Georgia Mountains. Right now we are not expecting any of that to accumulate. By Wednesday afternoon the rain will move east allowing for clearing to take place rapidly. If you are traveling by car on Wednesday the greatest impact from this system will be across the Carolinas and Virginia where heavy rain and gusty winds will be present. Further inland snow will fall across the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, and then eventually spread into Pennsylvania, and then eventually into New York and New England. The East Coast should clear out in time for Thanksgiving Day.

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TEMPERATURES: Cooler than normal weather will return for this week with the coldest weather arriving for Thursday and Friday. Just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Fear not though because long range models continue to hint at a warming trend lasting into the first couple of weeks of December.



Heavy rain as well as strong to sever t-storms are possible on Sunday across north Georgia.
SEVERE WEATHER THREAT: North Georgia is under a marginal risk of severe t-storms on Sunday with a slight risk for central and south Georgia including Troup, Meriwether, Pike, Lamar and Upson county. The greatest threat will be damaging winds and possible tornadoes especially in the southern tier counties. The most likely part of the day to see severe weather will be during the afternoon.

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HEAVY RAIN: Heavy rain will also move in throughout the day on Sunday with some areas picking up in excess of one to two inches of rain. Some localized flooding is possible so if you live in a flood prone area be on alert. The rain should start out as a steady light rain in the morning and then become heavier as the day progresses. The rain will gradually taper off during the evening.

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THANKSGIVING: A few showers will be possible on Monday otherwise the rest of the week will be dry with highs mainly in the mid to upper 50s and low in the mid-50s. Expect sunny skies on Thanksgiving with a high of 58 and a low of 35. If you are planning on standing in line for Black Friday it will cold but dry. Temperatures overnight into Friday morning will drop into the mid-30s so bundle up!



Rain will begin to develop this weekend but not before some pretty nice weather Friday and Saturday.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Sunny skies will continue on Friday with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. Average high is 62 so that’s not too bad. On Saturday high clouds will arrive in advance of the storm developing in Texas. Expect a high overcast to develop at some point during the afternoon with the possibility of light rain developing at night. Highs on Saturday will be a bit cooler due to the cloud cover. Expect highs to be in the mid to upper 50s.

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SUNDAY: The forecast for Sunday is proving to be quite difficult due to the uncertainty of the amount of instability in the atmosphere once the storm arrives. Right now it appears that the air over North Georgia will be stable enough to avoid a severe weather outbreak, but may be just enough unstable to support a few strong to severe storms. Either way we will have wet weather for most of the morning and afternoon with over an inch of rain likely. If severe weather does materialize it is not out of the question that a few tornadoes could develop.

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This week has it all! First the record tying cold that we saw today and then a big warm-up with t-storms possible on Sunday.
BITTER COLD: Tonight’s low temperature will be even colder than last night with most areas in the upper teens to around 20. The record low for the date is 18 and that should be safe. Our forecast calls for 21. Earlier today we tied the record for the lowest high temperatures ever recorded for the date with a high of 37! Although tonight will technically be colder the wind will not be a factor, so wind chills temperatures will be much higher than last night. The temperature hit 32 at 6pm this evening and will not get above 32 until 10am Tuesday morning giving us 16 hours of sub-freezing temperatures!
WARM-UP: A warming trend will start on Tuesday and last through the weekend. Highs will gradually climb into the upper 40s on Tuesday, near 60 by Friday and in the lower 70s on Sunday. After Thursday morning’s low of 32 we shouldn’t be anywhere close to freezing for a while.

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T-STORMS: Showers and t-storms will break out Saturday across Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas out ahead of a vigorous system that will move northeast spreading severe weather into Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. Right now it appears that those states will get the brunt of the system with the best bet for severe weather on Saturday. On Sunday the system will lift quickly north into the Ohio Valley and although we will get t-storms we are hoping that they won’t be severe. Sunday is a long way off so anything could happen so we will keep an eye on it!

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Very cold air along with strong winds will combine to produce wind chill factors all the way down into the single digits to near zero in the North Georgia Mountains!
UNSEASONABLY COLD: Very cold air is arriving as we speak and will only get worse overnight and into Tuesday morning. Readings in the upper teens and low to mid 20s will be common with wind chill factors in the teens and single digits. Some areas in the mountains could wind chills at times approaching zero! There is a Wind Chill Advisory issued for the mountains from 4am to 11am Tuesday morning. Temperatures by the afternoon will only reach into the low to mid 30s….remember the average high is 63! Going into Wednesday morning will be even colder, but the good news is that the wind will go light allowing for readings to drop to near 20.

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MILDER AIR: Milder air will slowly return heading into the weekend. Highs by Thursday will be back into the upper 50s with readings near 70 by Sunday. This all comes with a price tag though….rain. Showers and t-showers will form with the system on Sunday with some strong storms possible.



Another blast of cold arctic air is on the way along with rain for late tonight and early Monday.
RAIN: Rain will continue to spread across Georgia tonight and early Monday bringing much needed rainfall. Rain totals could reach 1-2” by the time it starts to taper off by midday on Monday. Heaviest rain totals will be west and north of Atlanta where isolated amounts of over 2” are possible. To the south and east of Atlanta look for rain totals closer to an inch or less. Dry weather will return through Thursday with a slight chance for showers Friday and then another good chance of rain next Sunday.

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BITTER COLD: Another Arctic blast of cold air will arrive late Monday and bring temperatures that are usually seen only in January and February. The high on Monday will reach 52 around noon and then to near 40 by 5pm. The low Tuesday morning will drop to 23 with a high during the afternoon of 37 and then drop to 21 on Wednesday morning! We didn’t see temperatures that cold last winter until the first week of January! Milder air will return by the end of the week with highs near 60 going into the weekend.

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Plummeting temperatures and strong winds will combine to bring unseasonably low wind chill temperatures to Atlanta.
FRIDAY MORNING: A Freeze Warning is in effect for all of North Georgia tonight and Friday due to temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 20s. At the same time the winds will continue out of the northwest at 10 to 20 mph, creating wind chill factors at times in the teens. During the day temperatures will only warm into the 40s and with winds of 10 to 15 mph, wind chill values will be in the 30s. So grab that heavy winter coat that has been sitting in the closet and dust it off.

WEEKEND: Temperatures will rise slowly over this weekend with highs eventually in the low to mid 50s by Saturday and Sunday, still well below the average high of 65. Look for another hard freeze to take place Saturday morning, but clouds and milder air moving in Sunday will help to keep the low in the mid-30s. Rain will move in late Sunday and remain with us though the day on Monday giving what could be the best soaking we have had in over a month.

NEXT WEEK: Next week will start off again on a cold note as another strong impulse will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air on Tuesday that will last into next Thursday. Milder air will return by next Friday and Saturday with highs back into the 60s which would at least get us back to near normal. Let’s hope it sticks around for a while!



An outbreak of arctic air will lead to freezing temperatures all across the South by Friday morning.
THE COLD: The extreme cold that has gripped much of the Midwest will seep southward dropping our temperatures below freezing by Friday and Saturday morning. If you have plants outside that need protecting you will have to do it in order for them to survive. This freeze will be enough to kill any plants not suited to the cold weather. Highs the next few will be well below the normal low of 65. Highs on Thursday will climb into the low 50s with most areas in the upper 40 to near 50 by Friday. Saturday will turn out to almost as cold with lows in the upper 20s and highs near 50. Believe it or not temperatures will continue to remain well below normal through the following week with any warming holding off until the 21st or 22nd!

RAIN: The rain over the weekend now appears like it will hold off until late Sunday. The storm system bringing the rain will intensify to our south, bringing us here in North Georgia a nice soaking Sunday night through Monday. It’s impossible to tell just how much, but a half inch or more sounds reasonable.



The arctic air descending upon the Midwest today will push into the Southeast late Wednesday.
TEMPERATURES: After highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s the past three days we are about to experience an abrupt change in our weather here in North Georgia. A potent cold front will arrive Wednesday bringing with it the coldest air of the season. Highs on Wednesday will remain mild, but once the front moves through temperatures will drop sharply during the evening. Look for a high of 66 on Wednesday with highs only in the low 50s Thursday and barely near 50 on Friday. Overnight lows will drop below freezing both Friday and Saturday morning so protect plants and pets. Usually this time of year an outbreak of cold weather like this doesn’t last long, but this one will linger into and through next week.

RAIN CHANCES: Showers are not expected with the front as it moves through on Wednesday, but a system developing this weekend will spread rain across North Georgia during the morning and afternoon on Sunday. Highs on Saturday will only climb into the low to mid 50s with highs on Sunday near 50, but possibly in the 40s depending on the timing of the rain.